1. As jayvo86 said, read the instructions that come with the paper or developer and visit the Ilford website.
  2. Fb paper requires more development time and washing.
  3. Don't over fix. I recommend using the two-bath fix method: half the fixing time in one bath, half the fixing time in a second bath. Replace the first fix bath with the second before you have to.
  4. Fb paper requires a long washing stage to remove the fix that has penetrated the fibers. Kodak recommends 60 minutes. A bath in a hypo clearing agent to remove the fix can shorten that time. I've seen variations on the time in the hypo: from 2-3 minutes up to 10 minutes. I use the Ilford method: 5 minutes in a print washer>10 minutes in the hypo clear>5 minutes in the print washer.
  5. Fb paper also takes a long time to dry AND IT CURLS; it's the nature of the beast. Not to worry; you have a few of options. (1) Get yourself some fiberglass window screens (at least 2) and place the prints between the screens. The screens won't eliminate the curl but will limit it. Opinions vary as to whether the prints should be face up or down. Since the face will dry faster than the back (and I don't want to risk damaging the print I've spent a long time making, or get an imprint of the screen on my print), I carefully squeegee the excess water off the back and lay them face up with no screen above it. (2) Don't sweat the curl. Once dry, place your prints back-to-back and face-to-face and press them like you would a leaf. After a day or so, they will be flat. (3) Use a dry mount press if you have one.