Given all the electronics and what I've heard is a fiddly shutter, I'd pay no more than $450 for one in good condition. For $600 I can pick up a used but still good condition field or monorail camera. I've seen very nice view cameras go for as much as that person wants for the graflex. If I wanted a portable LF camera, I'd buy a different graflex, probably a top rangefinder crown. If I wanted as much bang for my buck as possible, I'd be going for a used monorail for that $650.
Might be worth $650 to a collector. It isn't worth that to me as a user.

Looking closely, this one doesn't even seem to have the correct lens board or shutter on it, so while it may be in pristine condition, it sure isn't all original, and that would lower the collection value. So $650 is a bit much for even a collector, given the contents.