Dear Matt King & Leigh B,

Thanks for taking your time for me.

I will have to call the shop who sold it to me to see if they have still some on stock. In fact, from now, i just make a small filtration, but no replenishment. Because i didn't have anything else to store, i made one quart of A & B and stored them in 1 liter bottle. Is it dangerous for the product (a bit of air remaining, see picture below)?

What i understood from you is that diafine doesn't have to be in contact with air because of oxydation. Do you think i have to look for another storage system.

After 6 x tri-x 135, 1 x fp+ 120, 2 x fp+ 135, Tank A begins to turn purple. Nothing in tank B except a "black" sedimentation.

Matt, i am going to the LF forum to see your thread. But sorry then, i am not used to go into LF section.