Hopefully. As people turn to alternatives for film, those alternatives tend to improve in order to retain their customers. Chinese films will improve.
Maybe if we are really lucky, Shanghai or Lucky will release color, slide, and b/w LF films. And if we are really lucky, maybe we will even see an instant film in the future.
Hang on, time to write letters to Lucky and Shanghai.
I don't care if I have to order film online from the company that makes it. Instead of shipping to stores, just have the customers order it and pay for their shipping. Yet another way to cut costs.
Then again, maybe I just like shooting film enough that I don't want to complain about who makes the film.
If a Chinese company makes affordable LF film, I'll shoot it and be thankful that there are still plenty of options for LF film. Hell, if Kodak went under, I'd try and get a hold of some of the processing stuff and start production of a cheap film in china.