There is a big profit for Chinese companies. Electricity and wages are at 1/10 level of western countries and they can produce everykind of machine 1/30 the price. If they could sell TriX clone for 6.5 dollars a roll , company owners would be very very rich in China. And all doesnt depends on Chinese investors , one of old AGFA , Fuji , Kodak engineers could collect some money from investors and build a industry in China.

China , 6 HP Diesel engine comes for 150 dollars , motorcycle costs 250 dollars etc etc.

I am thinking to live at Singapore at Future andlearn chinese than immigrate to China. Every year China produces
10 000 000 university graduates , Greece size. If European Union would give 300 billion dollars not to Greece but this 10 million kids , it would turn to 100 trillion dollars.

Idiot Europeans.