Hi folks,

Been away from the darkroom for about 30 years, but started up again this past Spring. After a lot of research on this great site, I decided to give split-grade printing a try for the first time on a couple of old, rather difficult negatives. The photos were taken with a P&S Pentax IQ zoom, that i used to carry in the field when hunting, so the focus isn't the best! The scene was in direct sunlight, with heavy shadows, and proved to be a challenge to print.

The enlarger is a 67C with a Nikkor 50mm 2.8 lens, and I'm using the color head for filtration on Ilford MGIV RC deluxe Pearl. Printing sequence as follows:

Base exposure, 6 seconds @ F11, 00 filtration
Grade 5 exposure, 6 seconds @ F11, 200M filtration
10 second additional burn in top RH quadrant - grade 5 filtration, to try to tone down the highlights on my son's face.

Processed in D72, 1 1/2 minutes @68F, Kodak indicator SB - 30 sec, Kodafix -2 minutes, 5 minute wash.

Any and all comments welcome!