Discoman, the camera that the OP is looking at is the Super Graphic. It's the Super Speed Graphic that has the fiddly shutter.

I know it's a bit confusing.

You are right that you can get a much better deal on a Crown Graphic. I like the Super Graphic for the metal body and the rotating back. Of course the Crown's wooden bodies are very sturdy and a rotating back is unnecessary to a lot of people.

My point is that pristine later model Crowns go for an easy $500.00. To me it would be worth paying an extra $100.00 for the metal construction and the rotating back.

Yes, a 4x5 field or monorail would be more practical to a lot of people. I think that a Super Graphic would be great for outdoor portraiture. Robust, fast to set up, and the rotating back would be quicker then moving your tripod head.