The Super Graphic's rotating back is a poor reason to buy one instead of a Crown Graphic. This because the Crown has a tripod socket on the left side, under the strap. Original equipment straps unclip easily. This isn't just theory, its what I do to shoot my little Graphics in portrait orientation. They can be handheld in portrait orientation too, although IMO shooting handheld gives up the larger format's image quality advantage.

I've read this thread from the beginning, didn't see any mention of the Super's one huge -- IMO -- weakness relative to the Crown. Pacemaker Graphics (these came in two flavors, Pacemaker Speed Graphic with focal plane shutter, Pacemaker Crown Graphic without and with a shorter minimum flange-to-film distance) have linked inner and outer bed rails. This means that short lenses that focus to infinity with the front standard on the inner rails are easy to focus on a Pacemaker Graphic.

The Super Graphic's inner bed rails are fixed. This means that a lens short enough to focus to infinity with the front standard on the inner rails can be focused only by sliding the front standard. Clumsy, imprecise, vulnerable to small unintentional swings.

The Super's big advantage over Pacemakers is more movements.

OP, if you want a view camera get a proper view camera, not a Graphic. You should be able to get a decent 4x5 Cambo SC with international back for under $300. The difference between that price and the asking price for the Super you're looking at will buy a much better normal lens than is on the Super.