Thank you for the "heads-up!" to avoid using the same plastic containers to both sub with NaOH and process film. It makes perfect sense that anything that is strong enough to alter PET would hard-to-impossible to clear from the plastic. NaOH does indeed fog emulsion. (See post #90.) Traditionally, that implys its use in developers, but use is use.

Excellent work! I've got my fingers crossed tight for you. Although 3M assures me (and I believe them) there will always be PET film subbed for hydrophilic coatings, it's always cool to be able to go DIY all the way. Do you think you'll need to deal with any residual NaOH in the subbing? Perhaps a coating of plain gelatin (or maybe a bit of added acid?) between the subbed PET and the emulsion? Again, really cool stuff. Congrats! Also, I'm trying to pull together everything I can find on the ins and outs, ups and downs of gelatin with a new section on TLF: http://thelightfarm.com/Map/Gelatine/GelatinePart1.htm (It's a work in progress, but can't that be said for everything )

Thumbs up!