I recently tried a few rolls of Ilford HP5+, instead of my normal "go to" rolls of TriX. I shot the HP5+ with the F100 and the 24-70 2.8, and then developed it in XTOL at 8.5 mins according to the Massive Development Chart's instructions. After scanning the negatives, I thought I liked it... But after trying it on some 5x7 VC RC paper, I'm not sure.

The HP5+ seems to be a lot grainier than the TriX, and it's SOOOOOOOO much more contrasty. I have some working prints that are drying right now, and I'll scan them later, but the image on paper is so contrasty that I am not liking it very much. I had to use a "0" filter for 25 seconds to get it even remotely useable, and I suspect that I'll have to go up even higher for me to be satisfied.

Am I nearly correct in that HP5+ is more contrasty and grainier, or am I doing something wrong?