This stuff can be very sharp, or very dreamy. I find at lower shutter speeds the sharpness is diminished for me often. Maybe it is my hands, but I don't know! I usually pull of sharp pictures at lower shutter speeds (nothing too low, like 60th). Maybe it has more to do with DOF and focus. The film is designed for receiving a rather flat image, maybe that has something to do with it.

I just did EI100, rodinal 1:50 68*, at 5 minutes. It came out pretty good except my skills with my spotmeter in my OM4 have a little left to be desired. I only agitated it at the beginning, and in the middle. I also pre-soak like three times until it stops running pink when I dump the water. I wouldn't think that would change anything, but maybe it does... I mean my development time is much lower than yours! Yours look a bit better though.