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With the revised numbers it still looks pretty odd at the toe. But this is not the dataset you fit to the ASA triangle, I suspect you used on of the others (which one?).
Dataset error again. Sorry. The numbers are scrawled on unlined paper and I averaged them in my head when I graphed the first time. I did it right the first time, the graphs are good, but yesterday and today it wasn't easy lining up the columns...

The test wedge is just "taped" to top of glass, but I just am leery of tampering with it. The higher densities are "calibrated by me". I read the 2 stop ND filter on the densitometer, and added the result to the calibrated step it overlaid to get the simulated steps above 21. Next time I am getting a 31 step wedge.

The 13 minute fits the ASA triangle.