China is such a huge market that at the moment is basically what make the Ferrari or the Bösendorfer of this planet work. If a Lomo craze emerged in China, that would lift many Ilfords, and if colour film gets a renewed interest, that would keep colour film alive alone.

A Viennese friend of mine who often goes to China for work told me of an order of 100 tail Bösendorfer pianos from the same conservatory (which is basically a small town) when in Vienna the University or Conservatory would take years to decide to buy one.

The potential market is huge, just like the "if" is a huge "if".

What Nicholas says in post #9 is certainly true, and if film were something which can be totally substituted with digital there would be no hope for film. But film is something that cannot be totally substituted by digital, and - I hope - this is why we use it, and the huge number of potential Chinese users would use it for the same reason we use it.