Tentative Schedule: NE OH Gathering: July 27-28-29, 2012

Friday: Meet here (Powers’ house) at 5 PM or when ever you come to town after that. I suggest we have pizza dinner at the Powers’ place, look at prints, plan our ventures for the weekend. The dark room is available if anyone needs to load film holders or has a camera emergency.
A good pizza source is: Teressa’s Pizza 4174 Wheatly Rd. Richfield, OH - 330-659-9555. Please bring your own pizza and beverage. For those coming in on the OH Turnpike, we are exit 173. Terresa’s takes 15-20 minutes to produce pizza depending on the crowd. You might call ahead and pick up your pizza on the way in. Teressas is in the little shopping area at Wheatley and Brecksville Rd.

9AM Saturday meet at our house and see who is going where. The Fry Farm Museum is W on Everett and then N on Southern Rd., total of 1.4 miles I will take a group there and show you around. The Cuyahoga Valley National Park is two miles east of us. There are three waterfalls within five miles. Lee L has kindly built and maintained a Google Mapbook with most of our previously visited locations. https://sites.google.com/site/neohapug/ I will have paper maps put out by the Cuyahoga Valley National Park CNVP. Peter has offered to take people to the Flats for bridge and old building photography. We can help you find things if needed.

9:30 AM Saturday Dale will start the Lith demos. He will work with each person individually. First we will expose the paper in John's darkroom (negative already set up in the enlarger) and Dale will explain the effects of varying exposure with some pre-processed example prints. There will be two negatives provided by Dale and John. Each person will mark the print papers with a Sharpie marker on the back. Then we will take the paper outside to the darkroom box and process it. Development time will be about 3 to 5 minutes, during which time Dale will explain the details. Each person will choose when to snatch the print out of the developer as it comes up. After the stop bath Dale will keep all the prints in the fixer tray and at the end of the session. He will collect the fixer and transport the prints to the print washer in the basement and wash them all together. After drying everyone gets to keep their prints.

We are doing the developing in Charlie Wheelihan’s generously offered wet plate portable darkroom to avoid the fumes in the house. All chemicals are being taken by Dale back to city sewage to avoid polluting the well we drink from and those of the folks downstream.

5 PM Saturday meet at the Powers’ house then go to Musketeers Bar & Grille, 3027 Brecksville Rd, Richfield, OH. Tel: 330-659-4111. Leave our house going east on Everett Rd. toward Brecksville Rd. Turn left at the stop light. Musketeers restaurant is less than a mile on the right.

After dinner return to the house to look at prints.

Sunday morning shoot early or sleep in. 10 AM meet for a group brunch at Richfield Family Restaurant 4793 Brecksville Rd, Richfield, OH 44286 tel:330-659-9862.

11 AM Sunday return to photo projects. You are welcome at our house until 5 PM. Have a safe drive home. Thank you for coming to the gathering.

John & Dolly Powers