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Hello All, long time listener, first time caller...

I recently acquired a new-to-me Jobo CPP2 processor with lift. I have a lot of experience hand developing and printing B&W but never with a rotary processor and I don't have any experience processing color - so expect a lot of questions.

The first question I have is in regards to connecting a chiller to the CPP2. I have a high capacity chiller that I used to run on a 70 gallon reef tank aquarium. When I sold the aquarium I kept the chiller for just this purpose, but thought I would have to plumb it to a separate water bath. Now I see I can plumb it into the jobo itself. I tried searching the forum and it seems like others are doing the same thing, but I'm not sure how? I assume I will need to run and in-line pump between the chiller and the jobo, is this ok to do with the solenoid? What type of pump are others using? I'm curious as to how others have set this up.

Also, I've been reading threads about rotary processing of both B&W and color and many of the old threads reference internet sites (for data) that no longer exist. Are there any good sites that list times/chemistry volumes for rotary work?

I look forward to learning more about this process and spending a great deal of time here.


Matthew Cherry