We have some surprises. I just stopped over to see Jim Fry and confirm our permission to shoot at his Ohio Farm Museum this weekend. He said yes and no. There is going to be a movie production there Saturday and possibly Sunday. We are welcome, but WE MUST stay out of their way. The production company is in a contest. They have 36 hours to shoot a short 7.5 minute movie of the 1870s. The crew will be moving around the farm rapidly and we MUST to stay out of their way. The good of that is we can use them as a subject in addition to all we will find on the farm. If anyone has authentic cowboy or Native American clothing of the period they are welcome to become an extra IF the director approves.

Additionally another museum in the Indianapolis area has shipped the Frys two boxes of period clothing as a gift. The boxes should arrive today or tomorrow and the Frys will be sorting it out for the weekend. We have yet another subject to shoot.

Again, we are conditionally welcome at the Fry’s farm if we stay out of the way. If not we will be asked to leave. Please benefit from this opportunity rather than damaging our future chance to shoot there. It should be a very interesting weekend.

John P.