I spent last night lith printing and checking my supply of chemistry and paper. I have over 100 sheets of 5x7 paper and plenty of chemistry. I have about 2.5 gallons and A and B. We will use 50ml of each for the entire session. The paper is pretty unique in that it is a fast developing RC paper (Forte) but it produces a better Lith print than many of the current fiber based papers. To bad production on this paper is long over.
Development times for a good lith print were around 2 minutes (which is also unique to this paper). This will speed up our demo.

Exposure time worked best at 60 seconds, or about 3 times that for a 'normal' print.

The paper responds very well to Selenium toning also. I'll have some examples. The nice thing about selenium toning is that the participants can tone the finished prints when they get home to their respective darkrooms if they want.