Recently a friend of mine gave me his old Nikon EM with 50mm Series E 1.8 lens. He purchased it new back in either 1979 or 1980, rarely used it and kept it stored in a leather-like camera case all these years.

It looks like near mint condition. The batteries were a tad bit corroded ( I think he changed them within the past 3 or 4 years), but there was no corrosion on any battery contact. I cleaned the battery contacts anyway just to make sure and placed two new batteries in it.

The camera seems to be working fine, but I find the exposure needle jumping about wildly even when I touch the camera. The shutter seems to work well as I tried different shutter speeds by using different aperture settings (seems like an aperture only camera).

I removed the new batteries, re-cleaned the battery contacts but the exposure needle still jumps like crazy when I put the slightest pressure on the aperture. Is this normal? Is there something else I need to adjust on this camera to get the needle to stop jumping like crazy? I tried different lenses but the camera's exposure needle does the same thing.

On another note, my friend also gave me the brochures and advertising pamphlets that came with the camera! They are in perfect condition! It is fantastic to see color pictures of "the Nikon System" circa 1978-79.