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I approach these things with an attitude that if someone else can do something, then I should be able to as well. These cameras were put together by humans so an intelligent human should be able to take it apart, clean and lubricate it and put it back together again.

I approach things in the same way. I have done service on quite a few cameras myself, and it can be an enjoyable process.
I was a service tech for part of my life, worked on typewriters (!), mechanical calculators, seismic equipment, projectors, movie cameras, audio gear and all manner of weird and wonderful gadgets.

Having spent time as a tech, I see the value in experience, particularly when it comes to working on something like a Rolleiflex, which as you would agree isn't all that complex a device, but when someone has spent a better part of a lifetime devoted to one device, like a Rolleiflex, he/she will gain all manner of insight.

Sometimes we may defer..