Hi Brian,

My comments are addressed specifically at the OP's question about servicing a Rollei.

In order to do the Rollei shutter you must completely disassemble the camera, then completely disassemble
the Compur shutter. That's made more difficult because of its small size as compared with an LF Compur.

The shutter parts must be cleaned in an ultrasonic cleaner, then re-assembled with application of the correct lubricants
in the proper locations and quantities. Compur service manuals have VERY specific lubrication instructions.

Most DIYers would not have the proper lubricants to start with, nor know where to put them (lack of documentation),
nor know what quantities are appropriate for what locations.

Once the shutter is back together and working properly you must re-assemble the entire camera.

DIYers can usually fix an el-cheapo focal-plane shutter camera from the 50's.
I would not bet any money (even at 100:1) on amateur repair of a Rolle.

- Leigh