Point taken. =) We'll save our Buttermilk adventure for a solo trip.

Sunday Morning (whether we make it Saturday night or drive in early Sunday) we are planning on doing morning shooting at the Ledges. We will be in the Happy Days Lodge parking lot (on 303) at about 6:15am. We're going to access the ledges from here because in my experience the rangers do not always have the normal Ledges Parking lot on Truxel/Kendall Park Rd open that early. If anyone wants to go let me know. We'll be finishing up in time to meet the crew for breakfast at the Richfield Family Restaurant.

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Either way we are planning on being at the Blue Hen Parking lot around 6:15am Sunday morning to hike down to Buttermilk Falls (I've been on a waterfall kick lately). If anyone wants to join us that would be cool! PM me to trade cell phone numbers if we haven't already. If you're not familiar with Buttermilk Falls (not on the park map) it's downstream a ways from Blue Hen Falls and takes a bit of a hike to get to, not super tricky but not the easiest either.... Ask one of the locals about it. If you ask really nicely maybe Mr. Powers will let you borrow his "Yellow Escalator".

Looking forward to seeing everyone again!
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Glad to hear you two are coming. Looking forward to meeting Lynn.

I haven’t been to Buttermilk Falls in a about a year. At that time there was a “trail closed” sign just past Blue Hen Falls on the trail to Butter Milk Falls. There is a point on that roughly mile long trail near Buttermilk Falls where you walk on a six inch wide cut in a hillside directly over the river. That cut had worn very thin, thinner than 6”, and may be the reason the Park Service closed the trail. Dolly and I do not want to take any responsibility for gathering attendees walking around a “closed trail” sign erected by the park service. The Yellow Escalator will not be running that tow service.