But there are also some good news. Exactly one month after the sale of the Unionfotomarket yesterday in Milan has been sanctioned the exclusive distributor for Italy of the Kodak brand, including Giuliano Bianchet, Kodak Business Cluster Commercial Director Consumer & Mediterranean, and Aldo Winkler, Chief Executive Officer of the Group-FOWA Nital.
The agreement, effective from July 2, will include the range of equipment Kodak Picture Kiosk Kodak Drylab Apex and related consumables, sectors characterized by a strong dynamic business together with the more traditional film, photographic paper and chemicals in their various facets and range of batteries for use and non-specialist.
A positive news in any sense, even for Progress Publishing who founded his first journal, Progress Photography, in 1894, exactly ten years after George Eastman began production of gelatin-bromide dry plates.
Today, 118 years after its foundation, Progress Publishing published a new magazine, Classic Black & White Room, and of course a story like that of yesterday can not "appease" is from an editorial point of view, especially the availability of market film, especially black and white.
The core business will remain of course based on the Kodak Picture Kiosk Kodak Drylab and Apex, can allow the end user in a self-service to print their images, whether they were taken with a digital camera with a smartphone.
Agreement is not included the commercialization of film, printers, all-in-one consumer inkjet inks and related products as well as some of the Commercial Businesses.
Aldo Winkler will focus primarily on a park Kiosk and Drylab already installed throughout the country, especially in traditional retail outlets, then there are commercial realities with extreme potential, thanks to the strong foot traffic, but this has not proved in perfect synergy on the concept of offering its customers the printing of their images.
But the group FOWA / Nital distribute course, also the whole range of films, dall'intramontabile Tri-X, to the refined TMAX 100, 400 and 3200.
Depending on the availability of the emulsion formed part of the classic 135 for the move to 120 and to the film plane while the TMAX 100 and 400 are also available in size 4 5 inches.
Julian Bianchet was very explicit about the expected life of the photographic film, until the film - where Kodak has more than 90% of the shares of consumable product - will use the film as much for making films that especially in the duplication for projection worldwide, the photo film - which has the same basis as that film - will be available on the market.
And on the day of the digitization of both the total production of films, but there are many other companies in the world that produce film, you see on the number of Classic Black & White Room next September interview with Felix Bielser Photo of Point Group. In short, the intuition that when the project was Oskar Barnack the first Leitz Camera building it around a piece of film is still winning confirmation.
Before his death, George Eastman - who took his own life with a gunshot to the heart March 14, 1932 - dictated this brief message: "To my friends: My work is done. Why wait? "
It's been 84 years since that day, but the work of George Eastman continues.
RIBE70PHOTO taken from Riccardo Berti-