Hi all,

I have made a mistake in mixing up Ilford Rapid fixer - I added the concentrate to a graduate that already had some water
in it (and I didn't make a note of how much water, or how much concentrate I had to begin with - bad record keeping all through). It's between 1+1 and 1+3 concentration.

Clearing time is about 30 seconds. I read somewhere that clearing time less than a minute indicates that the solution
is too concentrated. I am using a 2 bath fixing procedure (both clear in 30 seconds - this was a fresh batch of chemicals), and
am doing 90 seconds in each. Is that too much/too little?

The first set of negatives using this fixer seemed to be thinner (To my eyes - not a proper measurement in any sense. It
might all be in my head, given that I know I messed up the fixer) than what I considered normal from earlier experience with
the same film/dev/fixer combination (Arista Premium 100/D-76/Ilford Rapid fixer).

Should I try to rectify the over-concentration issue by diluting the solutions further?

Also perhaps related to the concentration in some way are the following:

(a) The fixer turned light purple. I have never seen that happen with this film before. I though that this is usually the antihalation layer/dye, and would have gone away with the developer.
(b) There is a white sediment/coating at the bottom of the fixer bottles. No floating particles in the solution, and the sediment
seems stuck to the bottom. The fixer bottles (full) have been stored at around 15 degrees C, for about 6 months since the faulty mixing. The fixer isn't dead yet, as the clearing test shows, but perhaps some chemical change has happened?

Thanks for any advise/suggestions!

--- Karthik