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For clarification... I didn't say it was impossible to learn to repair a Rollei. Obviously, I and numerous others have done it.

What I'm saying is that an inexperienced individual, regardless of inate talent or past experience, is not going to sit down at
the kitchen table with this camera after church on Sunday, and be done and have the table cleaned off for supper.

The tools are just as important as the instructions. You can't skimp on tools; they must be right.

If you use oil other than that specified, use sewing machine oil. It's by far the best light oil available for consumers. No manufacturer
would risk raising the ire of half the housewives in the world by selling a shoddy product. That would be suicide, quite literally.

For a mid-weight grease use molybdenum disulphide, commonly called MolyDee. It's a dark grey paste.
Absolutely DO NOT USE graphite in any form. It's the worst stuff in the world; highly abrasive.

- Leigh
There we go, encouragement is worth it's weight in gold. I hope he doesn't try to repair his camera in the kitchen n expect it to be finsihed by supper. I also hope if he runs into any problems he will ask questions here n on the other repair site.

BTW I saw sewing machine oil come up in other posts n wonder if it's the same as the Singer sewing machine oil I have for my old banger?.. or does it come in various viscosities? My bottle seems to have the same smell n consistancy as 3in1 oil unless they have changed their product in the last 5 years... or perhaps newer machines require lighter oil?

What I have found for oil at 1/10 th price and has the same consistancy as NyOil is trumpet valve oil I get at the music store.. in fact it has the same company address in Queens NY.