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@Relayer: I haven't forgotten your request to test your modified formula. I'd like to in a few days as time permits.

I was still experimenting with my borax-carbonate version. LegacyPro 400 5.5min look ok. my other experiment is decreasing amount of sodium sulphite from 90g/l to 30g/l. amount of borax is same, but I need increase amount of carbonate for correct pH 8.3. formula:

Sodium sulfite 30g
Phenidone 0.1g
Ascorbic acid 8.5g
Borax 6.3g
Sodium carbonate 3.3g
Water 1l

compared to 90g/l version this developer give less density for same time. more grainly, but sharpness is excellent. sample images for LegacyPro 400 5.5min in attach