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Sorry if my message was took as a complain. I apologize for it.

Anyway, thanks for your help on both sides.
In a way I am glad you will have the camera restored by a pro, you'll enjoy using it once it is working again. Perhaps you should look into buying a junker to experiment with n give it a try?.. you may surprise yourself, plus you will see what makes them tick. You have a big advantage.. the internet! There are many experianced people willing to share their information. Ask lots of questions, take pictures n go slow.. it's suposed to be fun.

Leigh, I've compared the NyOil to the trumpet oil side by side n they are the same. Been using it for a very long time and have had no recalls. I'll take a look at the sewing machine oil next time I go to the material store, curious. Maybe they use a different oil for newer machines than my almost 100 year old Singer 99.