I have just joined APUG and it seems to be a whole field of information which I will fill in some of my time looking into. I have been involved with photography for more years than I care to remember. Mainly B&W with an infusion of colour slides up to around 1990, when I dipped my toe into the world of RA4 Colour printing using Kodak Ektacolour Chemicals and a Nova processor. B&W is still my main love

I achieved my Associateship with the Royal Photographic Society in 1992 using B&W which was very satisfying, but have not found the time to even attempt the Fellowship. I have been tempted away by digital, and still do a bit, but I have never ever achieved the same satisfaction that I do with traditional processes. The only one I don't like doing is colour slides/transparencies as the method is so 'mechanical' and to be honest - boring.

My kit consists of Nikon F4 body 2 x F80, and a D300. For lenses, a 15/30 Sigma, a 28/85 Nikkor and a 70/300 APO Sigma. Nothing special but they do all I want. My darkroom has 2 x 12x16 Nova processors, a Jobo rotary processor and a LPL 6700 colour enlarger with a 50mm 2.8 APO Rodagon. It keeps me happy!

Oh yes I almost forgot, I take to the roads touring using a BMW motorcycle. Now that is something special. I have been all over Europe and when I get back from a trip, just want to get away again.