That is awful. Anyone at an airport with a camera is suspected as a terrorist.

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Wow that is the best news I have heard in a long time. I'm a pretty high level employee of the largest employer in our city and I got harassed in front of my family while taking pictures as we were waiting to be picked up from the airport after a family trip to Disney. First he separated me from my family by asking me to cross the street to the berm on the other side where he was standing. The officer asked what I was taking pictures of and I said 'I'm just looking at the architecture.' He looked at the company logo on my shirt and said 'you don't look like an architect' as if one needed to be an architect to look skyward. At that time 2 other officers started coming over and frankly I was scared. I could't wait to get out of there. What kind of training do they have that causes them to harass a father with a camera in the company of a group of children wearing Disney shirts, with stuffed animals and theme park toys waiting with luggage at the pickup lane?