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I was still experimenting with my borax-carbonate version. LegacyPro 400 5.5min look ok. my other experiment is decreasing amount of sodium sulphite from 90g/l to 30g/l. amount of borax is same, but I need increase amount of carbonate for correct pH 8.3. formula:
Sodium sulfite 30g
Phenidone 0.1g
Ascorbic acid 8.5g
Borax 6.3g
Sodium carbonate 3.3g
Water 1l
compared to 90g/l version this developer give less density for same time. more grainly, but sharpness is excellent. sample images for LegacyPro 400 5.5min in attach
Sulfite helps the developer to develop faster, so when sulfite is reduced, density will decrease, even at the same pH. You need to develop longer if using low sulfite.

6.3 g of Borax has the same number of boron atoms as 6.7 g of metaborate, but it has much fewer moles of molecules, so I think buffering will be worse. I suggest increasing acid and alkalis to improve buffering like this:
sulfite=90, ascorbicAcid=9, borax=10, s.carbonate=??, phenidone=0.1
Adjust s.carbonate to give pH=8.3. More than 10g of borax would be better, but it might take too long to dissolve.

The left scan in your images looks like the scanner was slightly out of focus. It is difficult to focus scanners accurately to measure grain. Can you re-scan that negative with manual focus on that part?

Mark Overton