I'm dumping my dig**al gear and getting another MF camera. I have a Bronica SQ and I wanted to go bigger than 6x6 so I settled on 6x7, yeah not much bigger I know but I like the aspect ratio. I kept coming back to the Mamiya and I think I've settled on the RZ67 Pro II. I shoot a lot of portrait/fashion stuff, some landscapes, and old buildings, mostly in black and white.
The outfit I've built is the RZ67 Pro II, AE prism, two 120 backs, a polaroid back, a 50mm lens, a 110mm lens, and a 150mm lens. I'm feeling pretty good about everything after reading a bunch of stuff on other sites but I'd like to hear from APUG too. What's everyone's thoughts on the build of the camera, the lenses, getting an RZ serviced if needed, and the reliability of the camera over all?

Thanks in advance.