Well here we are two days before the event. Dolly asked me how many people are camping. I laughed. I said I don’t even know who is coming. Okay. There are a bunch of you who said you were coming a long time ago. I guess it is time to speak up? Who is coming and when? Who is camping?

Here is what I think I know.
Charlie, Daniel and Silke Friday afternoon. Camping or motel?
Jeff & Eva Friday evening. Camping?
Dale doing the demo Saturday
Shawn & Lynn Sunday early
Both Jeff Ss are coming, but when?
Peter Fri. or Sat.
Mike & Sandy S?
Robert B?
Mat, camping?
Lee L when?
Lee G?
Nicholas L?
John B?

All film shooters are welcome. If I missed someone, speak up.
Let me know either by PM or post to the thread.