I am going to print my negative image as a negative. I'm looking for some ideas from people with experience.

The way I'm thinking of doing this is to first print my negative image (on film) onto a paper. My neg will be "flipped" so the image on this first print (positive) will be wrong way. I'm thinking using #1 or #0 grade filter for this first print. Then, I'm going to sandwich this print onto another paper emulsion side to emulsion side, then expose with say #3 grade filter.

A couple of questions.
Are my filter choices right? I kind of got an idea from a note from Ilford for the first exposure. I'm only guessing on second.
For the paper negative/positive, I'm going to use an RC. I only have pearl surface. Should this be glossy?
Are there any other way of doing this that doesn't involve paper negative? I am aware of Harmon direct positive paper but these are awfully expensive. Anything else?
Can someone guesstimate the second exposure? I know it will be long. How much more in stops compared to the first?