Yes, in fact the holographers mention that rhodamine b is a green sensitizer, so it must be worth considering.

My thinking is that pinacyanol chloride is the ideal red sensitizer to start looking at. It sounds like Denise is experimenting with that, and by some accounts it should be a good, deep red sensitizer.

One of the papers in that word file suggests that it's not "a good panchromatic dye" because it has little sensitivity in the green and futhermore doesn't interact well with certain green sensitizers. However, they're looking at it from the perspective of bath sensitization, and also astronomy. For them, they don't need balanced panchromaticity, just continuous sensitization throughout the visible light band, no matter what strength. From there they can use their filters and apply generous filter factors. So perhaps pinacyanol is too spikey for them, which might in fact be good in a panchromatic/red-sensitive emulsion.