Hi All

I have just joined the forum, but have been making images for many years and print in Palladium and Palladium over gold (Dan Burkholders technique). I currently work in hybrid from digital capture, but am about to switch back to film, as soon as I can get a suitable scanner - I need to be able to make enlarged digital negs for the Palladium prints. I shoot on a Fuji GX680 and print using Epson 3800 and a really, really old plate burner.The combination makes beautiful prints (IMHO).

My dim-room and workshop are in my house in Northern Sweden, but I work in Brussels, so I get to make prints relatively infrequently at the moment, but it is good to finally have a fixed base after many years of travelling with no real base to call home!

I photograph portraits really, of a wide range of subjects: People (of course), plants, animals, buildings, landscapes etc ... but all driven by the portrait imperative, by which I mean an image which tries to reveal something about the subject and its character!