I know there are plenty of discussions about this and I've searched through them but just wanted some more thoughts. I had stopped my film for a little while and had been shooting digital but came back to film, and acquired a Leica M6 with a 50 summicron. Arista has the rebranded tri-x for such a great price and I always used to love it so that's the route I want to take.For the world I like to shoot 1600 is the perfect iso, I tend to like dark bars, cantinas, strip clubs etc. So I'm looking for developer ideas. The main goal is sharpness. I really love a razor sharp face. I may use flash sometimes as well. Grain is not an issue, good tonality would also be nice. In the past I used HC110 at 1:100 in a semi stand setup but am not sure if that's for me. I also used Xtol but rarely to 1600. The other day I tried rodinal just agitating the first minute then stand for an hour, and thought it was Ok. Does anyone really love 35mm trix at 1600 in Rodinal? I loved Pyrocat when i used to use it but will it do 1600?

So to simplify the question: Favorite developer for 135 Tri-X pushed to 1600 with emphasis on Sharpness.

P.S. I'm mostly scanning now but plan to get back into printing soon.