And here are the groups as I drew them out of my hat ...

I ended up with four groups of four and one name still in the hat. So I had to decide which of the four groups will become a group of five. When I realized that in group four there were only guys who really wrote that it is OK to send four prints it was clear that the last name in the hat has to go into group four. Sorry Laurent, that was you.

The groups:

group 1
Travis (Travis Nunn)
Eugene (anikin)
Sean (eskyone)

group 2
Mike (Mike Wilde)
Delphine (delphine)
Paul (paul_c5x4)

group 3
Craig (ccross)
Steve (BoxBrownie)

group 4
Dan (DarkroomDan)
Andrew (andrew.roos)
Ruediger (rst)
Josh (jayvo86)
Laurent (Laurent)

As in other print exchanges, please send PM with your address to your peers in your group.

I am sure, it will be fun.