Hi everyone,

I just got the 35 SE from a self proclaimed old cameras specialist, and as soon as I tried the camera I noticed that:

1. the film winder won't wind, somehow it's stuck and won't move;
2. the shutter button seems also stuck, because of the winder I guess;
3. the lightmeter doesn't work: I I tried with 4x1.5V batteries, but maybe this is not correct?;
4. the aperture dial seems loose: it turns flawlessly, I supposed it would stop at every full-stop aperture (with a click or something, like the shutter speed dial);
5. the shutter curtain is closed, as if it closed down after pressing the shutter button, but didn't re-open;
6. the button for unlocking the lens is also a tad loose, so I don't understand in what position it must be for me to pull out the lens: the lens can be pulled out, regardless of the position of the button.

This is what I noticed right away, and hope that someone here can shed some light for me on what might be the problem.

Thank you!