Maybe I've missed it in the replys but I do not recall any mention of intent as a starting point for critique. I cant help but believe that we ourselves begin the critique of our own work by matching it against what was our original intent. In other words what were we trying to communicate to the viewer. An example is -I was teaching a workshop in Maine last week and, as often happens in these situations, many of the staff assistants apporached me with their portfolios throughout the week for my "critique" of their work. In this situation the people showing me their work have intentions of making their living in the future (in some capacity) in photography. In light of that, my approach to discussing their work begins with "what do you want to be doing in photograph?" and then asking "what do you believe your work is about"? Meaning - what is its intention? In fact I cant imagine begining a valid crit without having some idea as to what was the image makers intention behind the work.