Interesting. Thanks, Bud! I've been using nothing but PF130 for a couple of years now and couldn't be happier.

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What is now commonly known as "130" was originally called "ANSCO 130" Universal paper developer.

I have in my hands a book titled "Ansco Formulas" for black and white photography. This book is a
"Revised to July 1946" edition, 36 pages, giving 50 formulas, and the procedures for use of those formulas. Some of which, as of that publication, were prepackaged for sale and others that were apparantly just published.
Price 10 cents.

The formula that Photographers Formulary packages today is the exact formula that is published in that book.The formula is as follows to make 1 liter.
Metol 2.2 grams
Sodium sulifite 50 grams
Hydroquinone 11 grams
Sodium Carbonate Monohydrate 78 grams
Potassium Bromide 5.5 grams
Glycin 11 grams

"This formula is a universal developer for all projection and contact papers. It gives rich black tones with excellent brilliance and detail. Ansco 130 provides unusual latitude in development and is clean working even with long development times."
"The prepared stock solution is clear but slightly colored. The coloration in this case does not indicate the developer has deteriorated or is unfit for use."
"For use, dilute 1 part stock solution with 1 part water."
"Normal developing time at 68 F (20 C)" then a list of no longer available paper is listed, but development time is listed from 1 to 6 minutes depending on paper.
"Greater contrast can be obtained by using the developer stock solution full strength. Softer results can be obtained by diluting 1 part stock solution with 2 parts water."

There you go. That is the info supplied in 1946 in a promotional pamphlet from Ansco.
Hope that helps. 49 other Ansco formulas in pamphlet if anybody needs clarification on other Ansco product. Including film and paper developers, toners, fixers, intensifiers, reducers, hardener formulas,desensitizers.

Hope this helps out.