That's excellent news, Mark. I've had my fingers crossed for your funding! I'll be teaching a series of silver gelatin workshops next year in Oregon. There are a whole lot of miles between the Coasts. Having options on both ends hopefully will make it easier for people to dip their toes into the fun. We also need at least one option in the center of the country and of course, outside the US. You get over to England to teach collodion. Is there any chance that you can also teach AgGel there? Again, fingers crossed.


Hi All,

As most of you probably know, Christopher James' book is an excellent survey of just about every alternative process you can think of. Necessarily, it is limited by its bound-pages format. Electronic publishing isn't as limited. Mark's excellent recipe is also posted here (with added info.)

If you go with the James book, make sure you get the 2nd edition. Marks piece in the first edition is limited to just a few pages about using commercial "liquid emulsions" to make tintypes. The second edition is greatly expanded to include Gelatin Dry Plate Emulsion.

p.s. It's absolute truth about the savings of DIY. A basic silver gelatin recipe is almost free (and in many cases, far superior quality.)