On the battery issue, I have an SE too, have since I bought it new in the early 80's. The 5.7 volt battery is no longer available, at least in the US. I never could get 4 batteries in my camera, but I can get 3 with a couple of washers to take up space. The LEDs are a bit dim, but the meter is accurate.

My 35SE has seen hundreds, if not thousands of rolls of film. I carried it with me during my working years (field service engineer for much of my career) and it never failed me. I did have to clean and lube the "transmission" a couple of times when the slow shutter speeds got off, but other than nothing else was done. I still carry it on my motorcycle. Great camera, too bad they don't make them anymore. With a couple small hand tools you can service it yourself. Just take the top off, remove the film advance gears and the timing mechanism is just below it. I clean it with solvent and use clock oil to re-lube it. Just mark the film advance gears to know how to mate them again. This can save having to take it apart two or three times to re-synch them.

Mine is starting to wear a bit, the film spacing is not even anymore, but the film does not slip so the images are still good. Many of my photos on this site were taken with the camera.