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I've moved (from Plus-X, which I LOVED) to Fuji's Neopan 100 (let's see how long that lasts), and I like the results, but I think it's a bit punchier, contrast-wise than Plus-X...

It's inexpensive too, but only if you order from the US - in Japan (I discovered last month), it's not much cheaper than any other 120 film!

I figure you mean Acros? Great film, I love it but absolutely nothing like Plus-X. Shanghai GP3 is rumored to be based on the Plus-X formula if actually not Plus-X itself from back when Kodak cooperated with film production in China. I use it a lot having securely a load of it in my travels to see my wife's family there. However I've heard it too might not be around much longer either. Otherwise while not quite the same FP-4 is a wonderful film.