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Hey, I just saw a picture in a mountain biking magazine that guy must have also taken: 2 bikers are cutting through a tight turn. The second rider's bike is throwing a shadow on both sides of the bike. One shadow is distinctly darker than the other. I'm thinking a main sun and a fill sun.
Reminds me of when I was growing up (not the same thing as maturing) watching Lone Ranger movies on b&w TV with the family, and commenting on the double shadows of equal darkness during the "evening" camp scenes - an obvious studio setup. My dad said "who would ever notice such a thing?" Don't know for sure if that's what caused him to give me my first camera for a graduation gift, or if it was just so he could get his little folding Kodak back (616 film IIRC). Oh, and also the old western horseback chases done midday with gross underexposure to simulate moonlight scenes - ah, those were the days.