Everything arrived yesterday and appears in good working order (!). Better still, the carriers and lenses I bought for my B600 all seem to work on the C760. And the C760 does 6x7 (though I don't have a need at the moment).

I do have some more questions.

- This kit came with a set of Kodak color print viewing filters. Holding them up to the light, I can detect subtle changes in tint between the frames (as I would expect). But the kit is close to thirty years old (it came with all receipts too). Are they still usable, or do these things have a shelf life and fade over time?

- Also, I want to process at room temperature, in trays or drums. I think I want to use the Kodak chemicals. Can someone recommend a good paper to start with? I see that Adorama brands its own paper, and it's cheap. I wonder if it wouldn't be good to learn with.

My only other choices (?) would be Fuji Crystal Archive or Kodak Supra Endura. It looks like I can only get the Kodak in sheets from eBay -- as my understanding is that it's only produced in rolls now. So I wonder if I should bother.

Thanks again...