Yes, I think you will be much better off with slides. You will be thrilled every time you develop a roll, guranteed. That is what keeps me shooting slides. Try a few rolls and you will see. Definitely also get a projector, they are almost free nowadays, and will give you (and your kids, if you have them) much enjoyment. Those shots you like and want either prints of or digital images, simply take to any Costco, Walgreens, or any film lab, where they will scan to disk and/or print for you. (Denver Digital Imaging) does a great job at this, and they have specialized in slide scan/prints for over 30 years.
Later, if you really get into it, then buy a film scanner. For now, get your feet wet and see where it goes.
BTW, you dont need aquarium heaters to process your slides with fantastic quality using the Tetenal kit. You just need an inexpensive styrofoam cooler with some overflow holes cut near the top. Mix the Tetenal chems up in empty water bottles (dont use pop bottles, the residual acidity), put them in the cooler, and fill with water at say 112F, and wait until the temp cools to 100F (this warms the chems up to the water temp), then begin processing. You have a wash step after the FD step, at which time you wash the film at 99-100 degrees (easily accomplished by tapping the water faucet to just the right temp - its easy with a little practice). during this time, when the water is still running and you are pouring the hand tank out, push the faucet over so it refills the cooler or even overflows. Works great for temp control, and a cooler holds the temp steady for long periods, so you may not even have to do this, as long as water is still approx 98-99 when you start the Color Developer. The final Blix stage can be as low as 95f without problems.
Put on some music and have fun while doing this!