I usually shoot color, and I have the same problems you have when I shoot black and white! Color negative film and transparency film have different looks, mostly due to the lesser dynamic range of transparency film. Color negative film is more forgiving of lighting and exposure errors, but transparency film usually gives you crisper results (assuming an accurate exposure). Both scan decently, so ink jet prints are possible from either. Darkroom prints need negative film (unless you want to experiment). You can project transparencies. Because you are having problems with consistency, you might get a better hit ratio using negative film. But you should try transparency film anyway, just to see which you like better. Getting the first good color print is a real pain, but after that it becomes pretty easy - but if you don't do it for a while, you lose the knack and have to start over. Scanning is no panacea. With either negative or transparency film, you generally have to do quite a bit of work to get a good print from a scan. Good processing software is essential.