I've been working on a print that I selected for polysulfide toning. My test strip gave me the beautify chocolate brown effect I was after. That was a month or more ago. Today what I got was a washed out, yellow-brown effect (yuk!). Any ideas why? I'm using it as an indirect toner on Ilford MGIV FB. Bleach is a diluted (1+5) potassium ferricyanide bleach. I bleached for 7 minutes and barely got the mid-tones to bleach out. The toner is barely used--3-4 8x10 sheets--but over a month old. Everything is the same except the age of the chemicals. I'm planning on making a new batch of bleach and dilute it 1+2. If that's too strong, I can always dilute more. I'm hoping it isn't the toner because I don't have any more liver of sulfur and won't be getting more any time soon.