I'm selling my Nikon Coolscan IV. It doesn't come with anything other then the scanner, carrier, standard single slide and strip carrier module. The only "flaw" is that I filed one frame of the carrier so that I can scan the entire 35mm frame area, which IMO is great. It doesn't effect the film being held flat unless its really curled which the holder struggles with anyway. A few examples of scans I made are attached. I've gotten better at scanning since I bought it so if you search my Flickr photostream for Coolscan, you'll see some less then ideal results probably, but those really aren't the scanners fault. I've used VueScan with this (and my Minolta 5400 II, on my OSX 10.5 Mac Pro) because the NikonScan software is kinda slow. It works as well as anything really but VueScan takes about half as long to make a scan. NikonScan is free to download though. It was supposedly "serviced" by the previous owner as well—the lenses and/or mirror cleaned? Not sure exactly but the scans are sharp. In any case, this is a great scanner actually and I was planning on hanging onto it because I think I like the overall look of scans from it a bit better then the 5400 II, which I bought mainly because I wanted the extra resolution for my half frame of which I shoot a lot, but a deal for a near mint Doctor Who pinball machine (UNOBTANIUM) came up and I need to raise some cash money. Yes, pinball my other obsession... w00t to any other pinheads on apug! Price is $400 shipped/paypalled in the US. Or simply make an offer, the worst I can say is no.

Light vs. Light by eurekaiv, on Flickr

Hope by eurekaiv, on Flickr

Serving Pensacola's Seafood Consumers by eurekaiv, on Flickr

And an old slide I scanned...

Team Minnow by eurekaiv, on Flickr