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Yes but there are strong rumours that Fuji want out of E6 in the next few years. At least Kodak are trying to keep their film production alive by making custom runs. I'd rather be able to order it occasionally than not order it at all. It did seem that in the interview Mr President was quite dismissive of film, purposely downplaying it. It would be good if they said "This is where we came from, this is our brand, this is a world heritage product* - we'll do our damndest to keep it alive where possible" as for world heritage product, it's the only directly viewable colour film produced that is likely never to be made again should Fuji stop. The small effort to make a knowledge/equipment transfer to China/Ilford/Whoever would be peanuts in comparison with their turnover.

You know, Fujifilm's CEO DID say exactly what you want. Not recently, but I believe it was when they released their latest medium format film camera, the GF670. I read an interview with the CEO that said something like, "we will continue to make photographic film as long as a single person is shooting it". Something like that. He was making a firm commitment to film shooting as the GF670 camera was making waves.

I'll try to see if I can pull that quote out of the net somewhere. Been a long time since I saw it.