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I don't think bleach part goes bad. I'm using the same one for over a year now. It concerns me that your bleach lost activity though...

I noticed, the re-developer part, the part that turns the page brown sucks air a lot. So something is oxidizing in there. Still, mine lasted over a year and still going strong. I keep it in an air tight container un-diluted. How are you keeping yours?

It is my experience that MGIV FB does not tone all that well but the result should be consistent.
I thought bleach lasted a long time, too. I was thinking last night, after I posted, that I could add more bromide to the bleach. Perhaps that is why the bleach was reacting the way it did.

I store the bleach in an airtight, clear plastic 5 liter bottle. The toner is in an airtight, brown 2 liter glass bottle. I have approximately 1.5 liters of toner in the bottle.

I've also heard that MGIV FB doesn't tone well, but I have so much of it and I want to use it up before it goes bad. My earlier test print using MGIV FB turned a beautiful chocolate brown. I would like to duplicate that colour.